7 popular WordPress Gallery Plugins, You should know about!

There are lots of gallery plugins that are available for WordPress. The beauty of them being in such abundance is that there won’t be a shortage of features to pick from. The downside of wide array of choices is that you may find it difficult decide on the plugin that fully meets your needs. Here is a review of 7 popular gallery plugins to guide you.

Photo Gallery

Active Installs: 100,000+ 4.5 out of 5 stars

Photo Gallery stands out mainly because of its seamless mobile viewing. It is fully responsive. It doesn’t matter whether you’re viewing images on your mobile, tablet, or desktop- you get the same viewing experience. That’s what makes it shine in comparison to most of the other plugins in the WordPress Plugin Repository.Everyone’s looking for seamless social media sharing. You can’t underemphasize its importance. That’s where your pages and posts will get most of their traffic from. Photo Gallery offers you superb social media sharing features that come with its pro version. You get to add image galleries and albums to posts and pages, in addition to having multiple widgets. The widgets include the Tag Cloud, Dynamic Gallery Tags Cloud, Gallery Slideshow and the Photo Gallery, which is similar to the main plugin option.Moreover, you get to add detailed descriptions and tags, and organize the galleries into different and unique albums. You can find the buttons under the larger image in the light box that pops up when you click a thumbnail.When displaying galleries/albums you can use views such as thumbnail and masonry-style viewing. The image thumbnails come with a small slider at the top for easy viewing and navigation. There’s the Slideshow Image Browser in case you want single image display, with the ability to switch between images. There’s also the Compact Album and the Extended Album, and the latter displays albums with descriptions.Photo Gallery also gives you more control. For one, you can make any necessary customizations for the view through short code before you add it to the posts and pages. It makes use of the File Manager for renaming, uploading, removing, copying images and their directories in few, simple steps.It’s undoubtedly fast. Consequently, it may not be the plugin you’re looking for if your site’s visitors aren’t using up-to-date software and lack a fast internet connection. However Photo Gallery should work fine for most users. You can always test out the plugin yourself by using the links provided on the plugin’s website.Gallery plugins are no longer just a tool for displaying static images. As you can see, they offer everything from animated effects and social sharing to branding and sliders.

Wordpress Photo Gallery Plugin Photo Gallery

WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin Photo Gallery

Huge-IT Gallery

Active Installs: 30,000+ 4.3 out of 5 stars

This one tops the “most favorite plugins” list for most users. Why? Not only can it display images, but it also allows you to displays videos remarkably well. It has garnered over 106,000 users, and the numbers keep growing. This plugin from Huge-IT is highly recommended for those who want to be original with their websites. You get to create lots of ways of representing your content and information. You can choose from various gallery styles, from the standard thumbnail view, to masonry, sliders, light box, and the pop content view.The views are justified so that your visitors will have a smooth experience, regardless of the device they’re using to browse. And don’t worry about slow loading times on your visitors’ ends- Image Gallery comes with a loading animation so that your visitors know that the site is working. You get to customize each view in the General Options sections to tune them to your taste. Additionally, nearly every type of text can have its text and color modified.This plugin is specially designed images and text content in mind, which is perfect for artists, designers and anyone else who need to display more text information beside an image.Perhaps its most unique feature is how it displays its light boxes. The light boxes do not take over the entire page by default. Consequently, this means that your visitors will have a breeze navigating through your images and portfolio. You can also choose one from 5 light box views. That frees you to display your images and video in the best way you can.This WordPress gallery plugin has a user-friendly user admin panel. Where you can add several images and videos at a time, then immediately give them a title, description and link. You can also go to any page, and set the way it opens. All you have to do to get this plugin is head to the Huge-IT blog on the main page of Huge-IT.com.

Wordpress Photo Gallery Plugin Huge-IT Gallery

WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin Huge-IT Gallery

Gallery Bank

Active Installs: 20,000+ 4.3 out of 5 stars

This WordPress Plugin is designed to create gallery albums using Grid, List and Individual Albums, Masonry Layouts and Thumbnail Layouts while incorporating with Special Effects and Animation Effects. It comes with over 200 different features to give you the ability to create stunning photos on any WordPress site. You can batch upload, delete, rearrange, sort videos and images. It’s a multi-lingual plugin, now available in 36 languages. Its photo gallery is fully responsive, meaning that it can be viewed on any device used to surf the internet.It has a short code wizard in your pages and posts to guide you through the process, and you can redirect to parts within your site at the click of an image.

Wordpress Photo Gallery Plugin Gallery Bank

WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin Gallery Bank

Gmedia Gallery

Active Installs: 10,000+ 4.6 out of 5 stars

This plugin is awesome because its 13 different styles to display your images are as unique as they are dynamic. They give you a lot of flexibility to work with. You can choose to have your images as thumbnails and add light box styles or even display them in the larger slider style, and use thumbnails across the container’s bottom. There are also 3D gallery styles that come in form of a rotating cube or sphere. It’s all really up to what tickles your fancy.The plugin also comes with different animations that range from the classic fade to fun. Whichever you choose, it’ll turn out great. Just don’t go about mashing together unworkable designs.And you can do more than display images. This plugin enables you also upload video and audio files. You can even upload them as lists that are complete with their very own album cover display and a rating system.All the 13 styles come with links to their demos and descriptions, so you can easily find the support you need. Plus the plugin is free. Though you can get the premium license for a fee and secure yourself plugin support for life.

Wordpress Photo Gallery Plugin Gmedia Gallery

WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin Gmedia Gallery

Gallery by Supsystic

Active Installs: 2,000+ 4.1 out of 5 stars

This one comes with numerous layouts to enable you create remarkable portfolios and image galleries. It’s popular because of its unlimited options that live you a lot of room to maneuver when selecting between designs and styles. You have a lot of arsenal to make your photo grid attractive to your visitors. The gallery design has been optimized for functioning in mobile devices, and you can find it with any WordPress theme. It comes with the full customization styles including the likes of the border, shadow and caption. There responsive gallery effects like the nice transitioning ones and various thumbnail views. Additionally, its layouts can be horizontal, vertical or fixed.This plugin uses the WordPress uploader to get images. It can show all images video and HTML, and can have them rendered for any browser size, or use on any platform.You can check out preset gallery templates so that you can find it easier to choose the right one for your needs.There you have it- a review of the most popular WordPress Gallery Plugins. Believe it or not, you’ve just saved yourself the trouble of clicking through more than 170 pages in the WordPress Plugin Repository to find the best media and image gallery plugins. But in order to know which of these plugins suits you the most, you may have to test them out for yourself and see. It’s the best way to decide.

Wordpress Photo Gallery Plugin Gallery by Supsystic

WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin Gallery by Supsystic

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