A Closer Look At The iWriter Benefits For Clients

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There are numerous online platforms that connect freelance writers with website owners who are looking for top-notch content for their site, but iWriter certainly stands out from the crowd. The comprehensive interface of the website coupled with the wealth of writers and the accessible prices have made iWriter one of the most sought-after websites of its type, all around the world. Here you will find a deeper insight into some of the most notable benefits:

iWriter – Thousands Of Professional Writers To Choose From

In a nutshell, the freelance writers on iWriter are group in three categories, based on their experience and the quality of their content: standard writers, which have the lowest price for articles, premium writers which offer a medium price and elite – just as the name suggests, elite writers are the best ones available. Requesters (those who need content) can choose to either launch an open offer which can be taken by any writer, or they can choose to send a special request to their preferred writers. The latter option is a win-win situation both for the writer and for the requester – the writer gets extra money for that particular special request, while the requester can be sure to get top-notch, irreproachable content.

iWriter – Convenient Price Vs. Quality

Another aspect that makes iWriter such a popular choice amongst those who need quality content in a timely manner is affordability. iWriter provides increased flexibility, so the requester can be sure to get the best value for his money. The price of the article is directly proportional to the number of words, and rewrites cost slightly less. This aspect is particularly useful for those who want to get a large number of articles, although it can benefit those who only need one or two articles as well.

The requester has the opportunity to select the word count and to pay accordingly: you can ask for articles that have 150 words, 300, 400, 500, 700, 1000 and 2000 words. Nonetheless, iWriter does not limit to article writing and rewrites – those who are looking for extended projects (over 2000 words) can ask for an eBook, and writers who are interested in this type of project have several days to complete it.

iWriter – You Can Get SEO Content

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization, an important practice for the success of every website on the Internet. Basically, the purpose of SEO is to increase the website ranking and to determine Google and other search engines to place your website as high in the results page as possible. A great example is Webmetrix group in https://www.webmetrixgroup.com/  which specializes in search engine optimization, which increases your website visibility getting more potential customers, higher profit and makes the business more popular. SEO is a complex practice that requires proper training and experience – on iWriter, there are hundreds of skilled and experienced writers that can deliver high-quality, reliable SEO content.

Moreover, the “Special Instructions” field allows the requester to mention any detail he considers important for the success of the project. For instance, some people require a certain keyword density, while others specifically ask the writer to insert the keyword in the title, sub-headers, first and last paragraph and so on.

There are many agencies that specialize in website and content optimization but  when it comes to SEO content it must be mentioned that iWriter is undoubtedly the fastest and most efficient one of them. You can get your content within hour!

iWriter – A Plethora Of Useful Features And Functions

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, iWriter also comes with several other important features and functions. One of them is the “Rewrite” features – if you, as a requester, are not satisfied with the quality of the article, you would like the writer to edit a certain phrase or paragraph or to add extra details, then you can request a rewrite and the writer will do it completely free of charge. This feature has been implemented in order to increase customer satisfaction and to decrease the rejection rate (the number of rejected articles).

On the other hand, iWriter offers a convenient and unbiased feature that allows both requesters and writers to rate and leave comments to each other. For instance, if you are satisfied with the quality of the article, you can leave the writer a 5-star rating along with a review and a tip, if you want to. This feature allows both writers and requesters to show their appreciation, and it also helps other writers make an opinion regarding certain requesters.

Another extremely useful feature that benefits the writers is the auto approval. In a nutshell, requesters have three days at their disposal to approve an article, from the moment it was accepted by a writer. If the requester does not approve it within 72 hours, it gets approved automatically and the writer will receive the money.

iWriter – Writers That Specialize In Many Different Fields

Given the wealth of writers on iWriter, every requester will find one that best meets his needs. Regardless of the niche of your website, there are hundreds of skilled and passionate writers that are ready to deliver quality content on topics like beauty, technology, automotive, home based business, hobbies, DIY, online marketing, advertising and such, not to mention all the marketing experts like the ones from USAToday, who are willing to help you. Besides, another great aspect that will certainly benefit new requesters is that the writers are based all over the world. Are you looking for a UK-style article, or perhaps for one that has a touch of Australian accent? Nothing easier, as IWriter has writers from every corner of the world, and they are available 24/7 given the time zone differences!

iWriter – You Can Develop A Strong Relationship With Your Writer

Last, but certainly not least, requesters can develop a solid and firm relationship with one or more writers. Those who are very pleased with the quality of the articles they have received can add the writer to the “Favorite Writers” list and contact them whenever they need top-notch content. Some writers are better than others and that is a known fact, so this feature will certainly benefit requesters who want to get the best value for the money. Also, writers and requesters are allowed to communicate through the website’s chatting feature, if there is any detail they want to establish prior to working on the project, although is important for writers to write the right kind of articles considering everything, including the search optimization of the site, of course for this they can get help from the Salterra SEO in Scottsdale company that offer services of optimization and can guide them on what they need to do.

iWriter – The Bottom Line

To sum it up, the aspects mentioned above are only a few of the most notable benefits associated with iWriter. One thing is for sure: this is the place for those who want to get affordable, high-quality, search engine optimized content quickly and without the hassles, as well as or those who want to supplement their income by doing what they love most – writing!
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