Creating WordPress bulletin board with Genie

In case you would like to create a new your own bulletin board, and looking for dynamic free plugin for this case, you can do that with “Genie Data Manager”. Genie’s purpose is to help you create any data structure and data dependencies you like and enable data processing on your site.
In this example will we build our own bulletin board, which will hold apartments for sale. DEMO
We will start from creating a data source to store apartments:
Open Genie – > Data Sources and press “Add New”
 WordPress bulletin board
Then create a data source with open permissions to read and add:

 WordPress bulletin board

Next stage is creating features for this data source. We will use only necessary features in this example: City, Rooms, Description, Price, Contact Phone ,image and status to manage apartments which are displayed on our site.

 WordPress bulletin board

We can define static values list, or create a new data source to contain cities. This time we will use short list of cities

 WordPress bulletin board

Rooms: We will use also static list

 WordPress bulletin board

Description: long text

 WordPress bulletin board

Price: short number

 WordPress bulletin board

Phone: Long Text

Image File input


Status will help us manage the list

Now we can arrange our displays: Adding, Filter and show, Admin management
Go to Displays and select “add new”
Adding: we can create our own html by adding labels and inputs for each feature we created, or we can generate form.

You can use your own design in html editor: just press the “source code”

Generator take default field like unique id into form, so we will delete it manually. Also we will delete the status label. You can check the id of each field in features page.

To add display to our site we can the code on wanted page:

Or as a wizard


Now we will add filter form by City and Rooms
For this we will place the cursor into the text field and add feature labels and inputs in wanted order. After that we will add functional button – filter

Now we will add group display. We will use auto generation of display and delete unique Id and status just like we did before.

Here we will apply default query to display only apartments with status “Approved”.

We will use “Read only” mode to disable editing option on site.

After saving we will add new query feature to limit our group display to show only apartments with status “Added”

After this we can connect two displays: filter and group. For this choose schema in display type. Put a cursor in a white design area. Select display to add and press “select display” link.


Now we can add our apartments board to any page or post in our site

Now we will add admin area to manage apartments. We will also use filter and group display and then connect them with schema display

For schema display we will use “Is menu” flag to enable access from admin panel

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