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Gravity Forms Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

Do you have a WordPress website and you want to add a complete form to it, a form that will make your website more comprehensive and more accessible to your readers? Designing and building your own, customized WordPress forms has never been easier, not that Gravity Forms is available.

What Is Gravity Forms Tool And How Can It Help You?

Basically, this is a complex yet easy-to-use tool that allows you to create and embed forms in a timely manner. It has a series of useful functions – for instance, you can set a date limit if you are looking for a time-limited form, and it will be automatically removed when the form has expired.

Another reason why you should opt for Gravity Forms is because it comes with a wealth of different types of forms. The standard options include HTML, hidden field, page break fields, drop down lists, checkboxes, numbers or single line text. On the other hand, the tool also comes with more advanced features such as time, date, phone, name, e-mail address or website. Basically, the features vary based on the area of the tool: for instance, while the creation area involves features like the title, the form body, the category, tags and such, the pricing area of the tool allows the user to select the quantity, the shipping option, the type of the product and it even comes with a donation button.

Moreover, you can tailor the forms to meet the needs of your WordPress website quickly and without the hassles – you have full control over the questions that your customer is asked.This is where you can use what is known as “conditional logic”, a feature that will not allow the user to submit the form unless all the required information are provided (such as the information in the fields marked with an asterisk).

On the other hand, Gravity Forms tool also specializes in creating special forms for customers who want to place an order. These particular forms are very easy to customize, as the webmaster can choose to add or remove fields (such as pricing fields, for instance), to facilitate the entire process. At the same time, a product field can be inserted to allow the user to select from different products, and then the form will generate the order total. Options fields also come in handy, especially for items that have different sizes or colors as they can influence the final price.

The shipping method can also be inserted in the form, to allow the user to choose one of the different shipping methods that best meets his needs. Last, but not least, you can use a special PayPal add-on to the form to allow the user to pay for the products via Paypal, as this is currently one of the most popular and most convenient payment systems.

All the form entries and personal information are safely stored in the database, and you have full access and control over them at any given time. The Entry Manager tool allows you to access and edit entries with several clicks of the mouse, directly from the entry detail page. You can also export entries or data to a CSV file within seconds.

Additional Features

Another essential feature that should be mentioned is the e-mail notifications feature. In a nutshell, this feature allows the website owner to receive an e-mail whenever a form is submitted – this way, he can keep track of the forms and of the information that reaches the database. The webmaster can then choose to forward or to automatically redirect the e-mail to a certain member of the team. Moreover, these notifications form also benefit the submitter as well, as they act as an auto-responder that informs them about their submission and allows them to review the details of the form once again.

Also, the insert form area allows you to embed the data from the form that has been submitted to the e-mail notifications – this allows an easier and better management of the information. The fact that you have full control over the design of your forms is another important aspect.

Those who are looking for a high-quality, efficient, reliable and well-designed tool should certainly take Gravity Forms into account, as it offers a package of innovative features that are essential for every WordPress website. The wealth of action and filter hooks coupled with the enhanced accessibility and functionality make Gravity Forms a very popular choice nowadays.

Managing the form data is also very easy, keeping in mind that this tool comes with a variety of hooks that can be used to store, edit or export the information. You can predefine field values or add extra features to the drop down lists within seconds, and the best thing is that you do not need advanced programming skills to do this! On the other hand, if you want to customize certain elements you can do that from the Administration panel of the Gravity Forms tool.

What makes Gravity Forms so special is the fact that it introduces a whole lot of new features to the WordPress system, which is already very popular as it is. For the beginning, it is highly recommended to make use of the Members plugin, which comes in handy for role management features. Also, another benefit of the Gravity Forms is that it comes ready to use, without you having to do anything – it works regardless of the WordPress theme and it has a variety of customization options as well. You can name or target every element in your form based on the CSS structure or by the class name – this way, you can always change the look or style of your WordPress form.

Last, but not least, Gravity Forms also comes with various options aimed at basic field sizes, as well as three different options for label placement that make the forms even more versatile. These particular aspects come in handy if you want to add extra custom styles, such as a two-column form layout for example. This is where Gravity Forms makes everything seem easy !

Gravity Forms Contact Form Plugin for WordPress