Jetpack – Great plugin, though…

By all means JetPack is a great idea.
This plugins save a lot of headache to a lot of bloggers.
All the plugins at the same place, covering most painful things.
At the same time WordPress team are looking forward developing new functionality.
Though, there is a huge problem, which may cause a slow death of the big idea, like WordPress.
The plugin had been developed by the WordPress team. It’s surely a statement. A huge one. This statement put under a question future development of this platform.
See, nowadays it’s extremely hard to create a new brand. You have to invest thousands of dollars in order to make people remember your name. WordPress repository give a lot of small businesses a huge opportunity. Just find the pain. Develop some usefull plugin, and get our platform to spread it to wordpress society. Then all you need to do is develop some extra add ons, and charge for them.
First, businesses got a chance to make profits fast, that was the reason we started developing our plugin. Second, the possibility to have almost any functionality at free, easily installed charmed a lot of people to move to WordPress.
Even though, wordpress is a great platform because usually there are great stroller reviews, there are much to be done.

We gave our feedback

“The main problem with your idea, is an announcement been made.
You declared a war on all those firms who invested a lot of resources building their businesses on plugin development.
By adding contact form builder for example, you simply harmed a lot of people who invested in development of great featured form builders.
Now it’s a huge question, will or will not big software companies continue investing their time in wordpress plugin development risking their future profits, in case you decide to develop the same thing…”
That’s was our reaction to Jetpack team.

The idea is great from the one hand. From the other, this is business. If you wanna continue growing, you better not to do it on your own. You may be out of resources.
Here we see an original company, which developed a great platform, developing new functionality which simply harm a lot of businesses financial damage.
Here comes again a question, will or will not software development firms continue developing new functionality, risking loosing their market after next Jetpack update?