Looking for cool WordPress table plugin? Here is a list of 7 great and absolutely free plugins


Active Installs: 300,000+ 5 out of 5 stars 

TablePress enables you to easily create and manage beautiful and feature rich tables on your WordPress site. You can include the tables on your pages, into your posts, or in text widgets with a simple shortcode (or a template function), which also allows for the same tables to be used across multiple pages. A comfortable speadsheet-like interface allows you to easily edit table data, so no coding is required. Tables can contain any data type, even formulas that are to be evaluated. There is also an additional JavaScript library that can be used to add features such as filtering, pagination, sorting and more for website visitors. Tables can be exported and imported to/from JSON, CSV, Excel and HTML files. This plugin is the official successor of WP Table Reloaded plugin and it is written with an entirely new structure.If your needs exceed the basic CSV style implementation, or you like the idea of visually building a table then the TablePress plugin is what you require.

WordPress table plugin TablePress

WordPress table plugin TablePress

Easy Table

Active Installs: 90,000+ 4.6 out of 5 stars 

Easy Table is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to insert a table in an easy way. Why is it easy? Because with this plugin, you do not have to write any complex HTML syntax. Note that this plugin isn’t a graphical user interface (GUI) table generator hence you can simply type your table data directly in your post while you are writing. You do not have to click any toolbar button or switch to another window.Easy Table using standard CSV format to generate table data, it is the easiest way you can use to build a table.

Some Features

  • User friendly easy to use and no advanced computer skill required
  • Read data from CSV file and display it in table
  • Display table in page, post or even in widget
  • WYSIWYG safe, you can easily switch the HTML/View tab in the WordPress editor without breaking the table-data.
  • Sortable table column (using the table-sorter jQuery plugin)
  • Elegant table design (using Twitter CSS bootstrap)
WordPress table plugin EasyTable

WordPress table plugin EasyTable

Websimon Tables

Active Installs: 20,000+ 4.3 out of 5 stars

Websimon Tables is a free table plugin for WordPress plugin that allows you to create and design tables from within wordpress admin panel which will help you create aesthetically, your own custom CSS design or readymade skins. No knowledge about CSS php or HTML is required. The plugin offers you ten readymade skins and functionality that you can use to create your own custom design for each table. The tables can contain images or any type of html code so you can easily extend them according to your own requirements. You can include the tables in your pages or post using a simple and short shortcode. You create your own unique design for each table and there’s no limit to the number of tables you can create.

Its main features:

  • Custom design skin that you can use to design your tables
  • Manage tables from your WordPress Admin page.
  • Export/Import to/from CSV files.
  • Create unlimited tables
  • PHP script that you can use to display tables directly from your code
WordPress table plugin Websimon tables

WordPress table plugin Websimon tables

Ultimate tables

Active Installs: 10,000+ 3.9 out of 5 stars

With this WordPress plugin you can easily create and manage your tables from the wordpress administration panel. Additionally, you can insert tables into your posts, pages, articles or in the ultimate tables’ widget.Its main features are:

  • Choose from three unique designs or customize.
  • You can use it to create different tables. Within a post or page, you can insert multiple tables at the same time.
  • You can insert the tables created inside of posts or pages with the code [ ultimatetables x / ], where x would be table’s id.
  • Information on number of paging and records.
  • Texts manageable.
  • Search.
  • You can enter html code or text inside the cells.
  • Management of the created tables. Alter the number of columns and rows, delete or reorder them.
  • The ‘Ultimate tables’ widget is installed with the plugin. You can use this widget to insert the tables you have created.
  • Ordination numerically and alphabetically.
WordPress table plugin Ultimate tables

WordPress table plugin Ultimate tables

Table Generator

Active Installs: 1,000+ 4.7 out of 5 stars

Do you want to create visually appealing and responsive comparison tables but do not want to trouble yourself with HTML? If yes then this plugin is going to be extremely useful to you. It comes with a powerful table creator that you can use to easily create complicated tables. Additionally, it allows you to integrate the table into your site in a simple and easy way. All you have to do is add this shortcode to any page or page: [wptg_comparison_table id=”1″].


  • Seamless Integration: If the stylesheet of your theme contains CSS styles for regular HTML-tables then the tables that you will create using this WordPress plugin will integrate seamlessly into the existing pages. We have deliberately not added any styling so that the theme can take over.
  • Simple Interface: It is very easy to use this WordPress plugin. Even if you’re completely unfamiliar with PHP and HTML, you’ll find it simple and straight forward. When customizing or creating a table, you can swap columns and rows, resize it and perform other tasks.
  • Icon Support: With the assistance of placeholders such as %HEART% and %TICK% you can add a wide variety of icons to the tables you have created. You’ll find the complete list of the placeholders under the table maker in the admin area. The icons are added with the help of a font, this means that you can easily use CSS to change their colors.
WordPress table plugin Table Generator

WordPress table plugin Table Generator

Visual Table Formatting Lite

Active Installs: 1,000+ 5 out of 5 stars

Creating and managing tables that are full of color has never been more straightforward and intuitive, as it is with this plugin.The visual editor plugin will keep you away from coding and short code complexity.Apply font style and cell color with just a few clicks.This plugin has two useful import functions – used delimiter separated text and shortcodes that will automatically create the table for you. The plugin also completely avoids the website database, and as a result makes it lightweight and easily transferrable between different wordpress installations or posts.

WordPress table plugin Visual table formatting light

WordPress table plugin Visual table formatting light

Video Demonstration:

Cool Table

Active Installs: 300+ 5 out of 5 stars

Cool Web Tables lets you create appealing responsive tables with hover styles and stylish colors, multiple tables allowed and ability to export and import in CSV format. WebSensePro has created this free wordpress plugin for Cool CSS-Responsive Tables. You should check it out, it will certainly give your tables an appealing and cool look.

WordPress table plugin Cool Table

WordPress table plugin Cool Table