Select options field in WordPress contact form 7

Create your own select options field in contact form.
Sometimes we wish to have more power with contact form 7, and require some data from database. For example if we wish to route some contact request between users in our site.
Now we can easily do this, with new plugin: ‘Contact form 7 Select Options from database’
This plugin adds new tag into your form editor. You can easily select any table and column you wish. Also it”s multisite compatible. So each site on your multisite system will require different tables and columns.
Plugin is smart. Each time you select some table, it filters only this table options for you.
Also you can choose which column is shown at the front, and which is used as value.
Also you can use the tag at the email field, title and also mail body.
We believe this plugin will make life much more easy for you.
You are more than welcome to suggest new cool features, that can make your work with WordPress even more simple!