What you can create with our plugin?

First of all, we would like to talk a little about our current possibilities.

You can create with our plugin:

  • Newsletter list.
  • Search engine: for your products, services, some cool stuff. Anything you would like to enable smart search on it
  • Contact form
  • Registration form
  • Survey
  • Quiz
  • Some message board
  • Special registration form
  • Feedback

We are following some users, which installed our plugin, and getting more and more inspiration about different usages of our plugin.

We are planning create a serial of guides, which will help you create different cool things with our plugin.

Still we have more functionality planned.

We are planning in the very near future:

  • Give our users even more special options. So even more cool things will be possible with our plugin
  • Save some very important data, such as ip, time, user id and more
  • Enable users edit their added data
  • Enable indexed data

What we did this week

This week we took some serios effort to make translation to 26 languages. Even though we used an automatic translation, we really hope, this effort will help more people use our plugin more easily. Those who are very unpleasant with the result, can change the translation.xls and send us the correct translations. We will update our file and all users will be able to enjoy it.

Also we finally added option to upload images. Now you can really create your board to display special product image. Or maybe you would like to enable your visitors advertise their own things, or maybe have some gallery competition. All those is possible for you now, and you are free to decide how your board will look like to the visitors. This feature was successfully tested at explorer, chrome and firefox. Thanks to Ravishankar Tiwari, we resolved the problem.

Ravi’s cooperation was really important to us, and very helped us to find and fix another bug with date picker, we had.

Please, take a part in our project

We have to admit, that it is really hard to work blindly. Ofcourse you have a lot of things to do, except giving us ideas how to make your life better… But, we hope that during the time, more and more of you, will help us by sending us ideas and feedbacks , so we can make this product better for you.


Sincerely yours,
Luba and Avishay

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