WordPress FAQ Plugin

WordPress offers a lot of useful themes and plug-ins for blogs. Now, you can manage the FAQs section on your site with the WordPress FAQ plug-in. This plug-in is designed to mesh perfectly with the most current administration interface on WordPress.

FAQ Plugin – Administration Dashboard

This software offers a complete administration dashboard that allows you to handle questions and question groups. There is also a configuration section available for tweaking the plug-in to fit your specific preferences and requirements.

FAQ Plugin – Front-End Setup

The WordPress FAQs software also has front-end features for your website. Visitors can look at your FAQs section and move through questions using a sliding accordion tool. There is even a FAQs query tool and a feature that lets users submit their own questions.

FAQ Plugin – Interactive Features

Website visitors now have the ability to interact with your website’s groups of FAQs are located. The FAQs plug-in allows you to enable these interactive functions when you create a group.

FAQ Plugin – Search Tool

With the WordPress FAQs plug-in, website users can type a word or phrase in order to find topics in the FAQs section that are relevant to their search query The search tool gives users the option of searching within a certain FAQs group or all of the FAQs database.

FAQ Plugin – Inquiry Submissions

Site visitors can send inquiry submissions to a certain FAQs group using the submission box. You have the option of deciding whether or not users must complete registration and log in before posting a question. Every submission is placed into the database. You will receive a notification via email when a new question is posted, allowing you to promptly answer them and publish the information.

FAQ Plugin – Language Translation

The FAQs plug-in for WordPress lets you translate into the language and localization of your choice by utilizing any translation methods offered by WordPress. Keep reading for more information about WordPress plug-in translating.