WordPress form

This plugin is the perfect tool for creating web contact forms, as well as providing visitors a simple and effective way to insert, search or view information.
Version 2.0.1 is currently available for download.

Know and used by millions of bloggers worldwide, WordPress is the most popular and famous blogging platform currently available on the market. The platform comes packed with a huge variety of add ons, plugins, features and widgets, providing users with a simple solution for any website or blog. WordPress blogs can be customized with numerous easy to use plugins, resulting in endless possibilities, regardless of the theme or style of the blog. This new plugin is now on the market to provide you with even more features that will benefit you on a professional as well as a financial level. Your website will become the ultimate business with this simple and effective plugin.

Having a website or blog usually means having to spend a considerable sum of money for its design, implementation and administration. But if you don’t want to spend your life savings on a website, this plugin is the ideal solution for you. Its user friendly design, easy installation process, intuitive features and settings, as well as having an attractive layout will definitely make the web building experience a simple and fun activity even for the amateur web designer.
To put it simply, Dynamic forms is a brand new, excellent user friendly plugin, specifically designed for WordPress, that will help you create, manage online contact forms and other lists in a quick and reliable way. You won’t need any HTML code, making this plugin extremely efficient and simple. This means that the plugin requires no previous web design experience and is perfectly suited even for amateur users. Also, you don’t need any contact form experience, as this plugin comes packed with helpful tips, an intuitive design and an attractive, easy to use interface. You will most likely find that form creating is simpler than ever with this plugin.

So what are the main features of the Dynamic WordPress Data Manager?

The main feature and quality of this plugin is its versatility. Whatever your needs are, be it a complex website with thousands of customers or a simple personal blog where you talk about you last vacation, the plugin will fit every situation. The plugin features a huge variety of settings, buttons, functions and options that will allow adding contact details for clients, list inventory products, numerous radio buttons, predesigned drop down lists or forms and other useful items. Every form, list or contact detail is saved in the website’s database, meaning that your data is safe and will be easily accessible whenever it is needed. Dynamic Forms can also be customized to fit perfectly on your website, whatever its style. You simply don’t have to worry any design issues, arising from different color sets, menu design, fonts or various styles.
Dynamic Forms is aimed at any business owner that wants to add a quality contact form on his website. Our team of designers is extremely proud of our product and is always trying to improve the plugin and make it even more user-friendly and customer oriented to provide the best user experience. We will be extremely happy and appreciative for any donation that you would like to make, no matter the sum. We like to create trusty customer relationships and thus, we are happy to reward every donation that we receive with a free of charge commercial license of Dynamic Forms. We are also looking forward for your feedback regarding our product. Feel free to contact us for any further information, comment, donation details or feedback.

Main features list:

The plugin is currently available in multiple languages.
Some of the key features included in the product are a rich text editor, drop-down list, hidden field option, checkbox dial, and single line text.
Contact form options include: set required fields, email notifications, collected information stored in the database, group view features, MS Excel exporting options and a complex search function for the website that will help you sift through the vast database. The plugin also allows all forms of javascript based coding.